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Roof Leak: Repair or Replace?

There are many investments that homeowners need to make in order to keep their home looking fabulous, but one of the most expensive investments is definitely the roof. Whenever a roof repair crew in Houston, TX tells a homeowner that they need to replace their entire roof, they start taking a closer look at website […]

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How to Clean Flat Rooftops

Flat top roofs are most often covered with rubber membrane. This is a highly resilient and waterproof covering that is very effective at holding out water, even when it pools at the surface. However, allowing water and debris to sit at the surface for too long can leave the rubber membrane susceptible to damage. The […]

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Are Clay Tiles Right for Your Roof?

When in the market for a new roof, homeowners are presented with many different decisions to be made. This will include choosing the right contractor, setting a budget for the job, and determining which material is best suited for their homes. While many Americans have continually chosen the highly economical asphalt shingles, some homeowners still […]

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