How to Get Rid of Old, Unwanted Windows

Before you continue reading, take a look at the current windows of your home. If they feature a single pane, then it is a very good time to consider replacement windows. The energy efficiency that is lost with single panes is substantial because the glass conducts heat and allows the outer temperature and that inside the home to mingle as they attempt to equalize. Double panes feature an air pocket that slows that transfer of heat and that means lower heating and cooling expenses.

Of course, removing windows means that you will need to find a way to get rid of them once the new ones are in place. Old single pane windows are of little use to the building community today and no one wants to see them piling up in landfills. Fortunately, there are several avenues that you might take to get rid of the unwanted windows while feeling good about it.

Before you go too crazy trying to find someone to take them off of your hands, ask the new window installation contractors. Many installation experts will include the cost of old window removal and disposal in the quote. If this is the case, then simply ask what he or she intends to do with them, so your mind can be put at ease and then sit back and enjoy your new investment.

Not all situations are quite so easy, however. If the contractor will not handle the disposal, then the next step should be a phone call to the town’s recycling department in Leander, TX, window replacements can also lead to a lot of learning about construction materials can be kept out of the landfill. You may have to make a trip to the recycling center, if they accept the single pane windows, but it is worth the trek to have the job done and to feel good about knowing that the windows won’t become rotting waste.

Some areas, unfortunately, do not accept single pane windows. You will have to inquire about the types of windows and window frames that are accepted by the recycling center. If the town doesn’t take yours, then it may be possible to find another local or private recycling facility willing to help. Websites like come in very handy in instances like this. This website, for instance, features articles, blogs, advice, and ideas for reusing, recycling, and reducing waste. Included on the website is an entire page dedicated to glass recycling, many tips and informational pieces on what to do with the breakable items. There is also a link on the home page labeled ‘find a recycling center’ that might provide some help in your search.

While you research, consider the possibilities of reusing the glass. Even if you are not going to be crafty enough to create a greenhouse, wall art, or some other creation with the panes of glass, there are many people who would love to. Consider contacting garden clubs, antique shops, or even list them as a free item on websites like Salvage yards are another, similar option, where DIYers come to find reusable materials for their construction projects. However, you will have to contact the facility before you bring the windows. Some will accept them and others will turn you away. It’s worth a shot though.

Finally, you might want to turn to social media as a last resort. If you can’t find another avenue for window disposal, reach out to friends, family members, and co-workers who might know of someone who would be interested in having them, so you can go on and enjoy your new replacement windows.