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Asphalt Paving Services: What to Ask Your Contractor

paving service
Choosing the right company to meet all of your paving needs can be complex. The quality of the contractor is key to ensuring that you get the job finished well, but given that most people know very little about the overall process, it can be tough to even know what to ask as you get bids for your project. Here are a few questions you’ll certainly want to ask:

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?
Understanding exactly how long the company in question has been working with asphalt paving is important. It not only signals the company’s experience in the field, but it is also a good indicator of whether or not they’ll be there when you need repairs or even future paving projects.

2. What’s Included in the Bid?
As with any project, you need to know exactly what the paving company will do for you before you start comparing bids. You’ll want to make certain that those details are in writing so that neither of you have any questions as the project begins to move forward.

3. Are There Challenges Ahead?
Not every job is the same, and yours may project particular challenges from the outset. For example, overlay projects often mean the contractor must check for bad spots in the old pavement, then deal with those before they can actually get started. Drainage can also sometimes be an issue. Understanding exactly what any contractor handling your project may be facing is important, as you can see how each one may address the same possible issues.

4. Are you Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?
If you’ve ever hired a contractor of any type, you’ve probably asked this question more than once, and for good reason. Licensed contractors are required to have a certain amount of experience in the field. They’re also required to pass industry-relevant testing. Those who are bonded are guaranteed to perform the work, and those who are insured can fix any problems that come up during the paving process. All of these factors spell one thing for you – real protection.

5. What Other Services Do You Offer?
Choosing someone who offers the paving services you need is great, but you may need additional services in the future, so make certain there are some add-on services available. For example, you may be looking for parking lot striping, seal coating, or even cleaning services. Having a company who can handle all of it is a must.
As you search for the right asphalt paving services to meet your needs, look no further than The only way to get exactly what you need again and again, Bennett Paving is the one asphalt contractor who can help, no matter what the project.

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Asphalt base paving at 2nd Ave & Jackson Street is complete | Flickr – Photo Sharing! : taken from – Gordon Werner

Roof Leak: Repair or Replace?

roof leak

There are many investments that homeowners need to make in order to keep their home looking fabulous, but one of the most expensive investments is definitely the roof. Whenever a roof repair crew in Houston, TX tells a homeowner that they need to replace their entire roof, they start taking a closer look at website forums and dollar signs start flying around the homeowners head and many homeowners start to wonder if they can sell their home before they need to replace the roof. Yes, it is true that replacing a roof can definitely be an expense, which is why many homeowners choose to repair their roof rather than to replace the whole thing. But which is a better option – to repair or to replace?


The first thing you need to think about when you’re debating whether you should repair or replace your roof is how long you plan on keeping the house for. If you plan on keeping the house for less than five years, it may be a better option to repair the leak in your roof rather than to replace the whole thing. Many realtors say that as long as the roof passes inspection and looks good homeowners should not worry about replacing the whole thing. However, having a brand-new roof can also be a very viable selling point for potential buyers.

Age of the Roof

Another thing to consider is the age of the roof. If you had the roof replaced within the past 10 years than you may want to simply repair the problem area. It is a good idea to talk with your roofing contractor to see if you can figure out why that specific area of the roof leaked so that you can avoid having the problem recur. If, however, the roof is over 15 to 20 years old it is definitely a good idea to replace the roof rather than to repair it. Most roofs are designed to last only about 30 years or so and if your roof has lived a long life than it is definitely a good idea to think about replacing it.

Roof Over Or Not?

If you have decided to replace your roof there is one more decision you have to make – to have your Sugar Land, TX, roofing contractor place the new shingles over the existing shingles or to completely demolish the shingles that are currently there. Some roofing contractors will tell you that it is a good idea to put the new shingles over the existing ones simply because it will save you a great deal of money. Most experienced roofing contractors, however, will state differently – they will say that it will save you a great deal of frustration later on if you have your roof completely replaced. Yes, there may be an additional fee in order to have the shingles that are currently on the roof removed, but leaving the shingles on the roof can lead to a host of problems that can add up to a serious amount of money very quickly.

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How to Clean Flat Rooftops

flat roofing

Flat top roofs are most often covered with rubber membrane. This is a highly resilient and waterproof covering that is very effective at holding out water, even when it pools at the surface. However, allowing water and debris to sit at the surface for too long can leave the rubber membrane susceptible to damage.

The most frequently noted problem atop flat rooftops is algae. The plant life loves damp, cool areas, which means that it is most likely to grow on areas of the roof that are well shaded. Mold is also likely to grow in these areas, which is another of the reasons why you or your Dallas roofers should regularly clean the surface and you can get that professional help; just click here. To make matters worse, the shaded areas are the most likely to be damp because morning dew would take longer to dry without the direct rays of the sun. Stagnant water can provide the ideal environment for all sorts of bacteria and harmful microscopic organisms, so you should take extra care to keep the surface clean if residents of the building frequently visit the roof.

Pressure Cleaning Fortunately, cleaning a flat top roof does not have to be overly difficult. It requires only some pressurized water, in many cases. Gas-powered machines are easy to come by. Renting is always an option, but as the owner or manager of a flat topped building, it may be smarter to simply invest in one of your very own. They can be purchased for about two hundred dollars at home improvement stores. The prices do vary with some models offered for a slightly smaller price tag and really nice models costing a bit more.

To begin cleaning the surface, start in a far corner and use an angled tip. This allows for easy washing of the flat surface. You will probably want to be dressed appropriately, because you are likely to get damp in the process as well. Keep the tip about six inches from the surface as you sweep over it. This will wash away algae, mold, and dirt in no time. To remove any water left sitting on the surface after cleaning, consider the use of a wet-dry vacuum.

Chemical Cleaning It’s not as environmentally friendly as straight water, but at times there is a need for a more thorough cleaning. For this reason, many are forced to turn to Sodium Hydroxide.

Sodium Hydroxide, which is also known as lye, comes in a few different varieties – pellets, flakes, and small granules. For cleaning purposes, like this, manufacturers also off a diluted, liquid solution. The chemical is regularly used in the making of paper, textiles, and soaps, among other things, but it is not something that should be handled lightly.

Sodium Hydroxide poisoning occurs too often in this country. Lye is found in drain cleaners, hair straighteners, oven cleaners, and metal polish as well as being used as a roof cleaning agent. When ingested, it can cause almost immediate symptoms including difficulty breathing, sneezing, throat swelling, burns to the skin, and pain in the throat and face. After a short period of time, the victim will find blood in his stool, vomiting, abdominal pain, fainting, and low blood pressure. Accidental contact with the chemical or ingestion is potentially fatal and time should not be wasted if it does occur. Contact with bare skin or eyes should be carefully avoided.

As a result of the danger involved, it is best to let the professionals handle cleaning with sodium hydroxide. Everyone involved should be covered head-to-toe and should wear a mask and goggles to defend the body against any possible contact with the substance. To learn more, visit the roofing experts at

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How to Get Rid of Old, Unwanted Windows

Before you continue reading, take a look at the current windows of your home. If they feature a single pane, then it is a very good time to consider replacement windows. The energy efficiency that is lost with single panes is substantial because the glass conducts heat and allows the outer temperature and that inside the home to mingle as they attempt to equalize. Double panes feature an air pocket that slows that transfer of heat and that means lower heating and cooling expenses.

Of course, removing windows means that you will need to find a way to get rid of them once the new ones are in place. Old single pane windows are of little use to the building community today and no one wants to see them piling up in landfills. Fortunately, there are several avenues that you might take to get rid of the unwanted windows while feeling good about it.

Before you go too crazy trying to find someone to take them off of your hands, ask the new window installation contractors. Many installation experts will include the cost of old window removal and disposal in the quote. If this is the case, then simply ask what he or she intends to do with them, so your mind can be put at ease and then sit back and enjoy your new investment.

Not all situations are quite so easy, however. If the contractor will not handle the disposal, then the next step should be a phone call to the town’s recycling department in Leander, TX, window replacements can also lead to a lot of learning about construction materials can be kept out of the landfill. You may have to make a trip to the recycling center, if they accept the single pane windows, but it is worth the trek to have the job done and to feel good about knowing that the windows won’t become rotting waste.

Some areas, unfortunately, do not accept single pane windows. You will have to inquire about the types of windows and window frames that are accepted by the recycling center. If the town doesn’t take yours, then it may be possible to find another local or private recycling facility willing to help. Websites like come in very handy in instances like this. This website, for instance, features articles, blogs, advice, and ideas for reusing, recycling, and reducing waste. Included on the website is an entire page dedicated to glass recycling, many tips and informational pieces on what to do with the breakable items. There is also a link on the home page labeled ‘find a recycling center’ that might provide some help in your search.

While you research, consider the possibilities of reusing the glass. Even if you are not going to be crafty enough to create a greenhouse, wall art, or some other creation with the panes of glass, there are many people who would love to. Consider contacting garden clubs, antique shops, or even list them as a free item on websites like Salvage yards are another, similar option, where DIYers come to find reusable materials for their construction projects. However, you will have to contact the facility before you bring the windows. Some will accept them and others will turn you away. It’s worth a shot though.

Finally, you might want to turn to social media as a last resort. If you can’t find another avenue for window disposal, reach out to friends, family members, and co-workers who might know of someone who would be interested in having them, so you can go on and enjoy your new replacement windows.

Are Clay Tiles Right for Your Roof?

When in the market for a new roof, homeowners are presented with many different decisions to be made. This will include choosing the right contractor, setting a budget for the job, and determining which material is best suited for their homes. While many Americans have continually chosen the highly economical asphalt shingles, some homeowners still prefer a more classic, beautiful look. If you are among those in the latter group, then you may want to consider clay tiles. As one of the first forms of roofing, these tiles are just as stunning today as they were hundreds of years ago.

As more and more individuals are clamoring to recreate the beauty of the past, roofing contractors are coming into contact with more and more of the red Spanish tiles. They provide a very gorgeous aesthetic, while providing the sturdy hold and lasting coverage that consumers need. This roofing material is among the few original roofing materials still in existence and, therefore, brings an old world charm that is especially beautiful on Spanish- or Italian style homes. As you consider your own roofing quandaries, also bear in mind these advantages and disadvantages of clay tile roofing

The Pros There is a lot expected of clay roofing material and these tiles live up to those tough expectations. Due to their weight, clay tiles are not easily moved by hard rains or heavy winds. They hold tight and provide the necessary waterproof barrier. Furthermore, they are highly fire resistance, which is a wonderful feature when summers grow long, hot, and dry. However, these aren’t the reasons that most homeowners first consider clay. They like the eye-appeal that is provided. They lift a home from ordinary status to eye-catching allure and can give the homeowner extra reason to feel good as they are very eco-friendly. They are made from a renewable resource, do not contaminate the rain water that runs over them, and they can be easily recycled when removed from a home.

When compared to the other available roofing on the market, clay tiles are a good choice. There is an infrequent need of roof repair. In Fort Worth, they can last up to fifty years without the need for replacement. This is far better than the maximum of thirty year warrantees for asphalt shingles. The look alone, though, often sells the person on clay tile roofing

The Cons As with anything in life, there are drawbacks to the use of clay tile for roofing. Plano roof repair may be necessary during the life of a roof, regardless of the type of material used, but fewer contractors are familiar with clay tiles and proper repair techniques. They are also more expensive, initially, then asphalt or metal roofing. Additionally, a professional must inspect the structure beneath before laying the tiles because they are very heavy. The added weight can be too much for some homes to bear. If installed on a less than sturdy home, the tiles can do more harm than good. If your home is deemed unfit or you don’t have the budget to support clay roofing, then you might consider the molded metal roofing that is made to mimic the look of Spanish tiles today.

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Hair Salons: Your Guide to Make Over

A beauty salon is an establishment to care or style your hair. A perfect haircut by a good hairstylist can easily transform your personality and increase your self-confidence. However, one wrong move can ruin your whole effort. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a good hair and facial spa Austin, TX in order to get that perfect look and get the appreciation of people around you.

Hair salons are the place where you can indulge yourself in a style that is right for you. Most of the dedicated hair salons offer services such as coloring, highlighting or streaking, perms, trendy haircuts, styling and various other treatments for your hair to make it look dazzling and stay healthy. Many of these salons offer specialized care according to your needs. Ask your stylist about tanning salons near you and wax salons Austin TX.

If you are looking to go for a sensational color that leaves your hair with an amazing sheen then coloring will be the perfect option for you. At your hair salon, experts should guide you what color will suit your skin. To make your hair lustrous, highlighting is a good option. If you want to have some waves in your boring straight hair, doing a perm is another good variation. These salons are a perfect destination to guide you as to what will look good on you. Moreover, they can guide you if you just need a simple haircut or chemical peel.

Therefore, to choose a hair salon the first thing that you need to be careful about is the atmosphere, including the staff. Experienced hair technicians are important to change your look. They should understand your needs and then explain to you completely what they are trying to do with your look. In case of coloring, if the application is not proper, then it can damage your hair. Moreover, if you are investing a good amount of money then you will also be expecting that the quality of their work should be great. The colors should last longer. Therefore, choosing a good hair salon is necessary. We can help you with dermalogica products Austin too.

Their services should be catered to your personal needs. A hair salon with personalized services, like an expert dedicated exclusively to your service, will be the ultimate destination for you. They should also be aware of the latest styles in the market. Without following any trend blindly, they should also guide you to set the trend. A simple haircut done in a hair salon can make you look stunning.

These personalized and customized services can cost you a bit more. However, people are willing to spend money to get that perfect look. If you need only a simple hair cut or get your hair trimmed then you can easily avail the service of a salon round the corner of your block. It will fit in your tight budget. Jose Luis Salon offers amazing services and is one of the best beauty destinations available for you in Austin. Come to us for quality personalized beauty services today! I f you are getting ready for your big day ask them about bridal contracts and makeup lessons.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

Preparing for Your Big Day: The Full Medical Spa Experience

Are you getting married in the near future? If yes, then you have likely considered many aspects of your appearance on that day, such as your hair, your dress, even the small accessories that will let your beauty shine, but there may have been a few details you have overlooked. For these matters, a medical spa might be the perfect pre-wedding locale. Laser hair removal for skin of color in austin texas is also available.

Laser Skin Treatment When you are working so hard to make the rest of you looks fabulous, why not take the time to make your skin glow? After all, you should glow on your wedding day. With laser skin treatment, you can have unsightly scars, brown spots, blotches, and even acne wiped away before the big day. Get laser hair removal for life as a gift to yourself before walking down the aisle. The result will be the perfect and smooth skin that you have always dreamed of. Laser skin treatment can leave temporary redness, so it is best to have this done at least a few days before the scheduled event. It may call for more than one session depending on the issues being addressed, so you would likely be better off to seek professional advice at least a few months before your wedding day. Think about laser hair removal la frontera as well.

Laser Hair Removal Is the dress short or sleeveless? Is the honeymoon on the beach? If you are going to be showing any skin, then you might consider a bit of laser work to do away with the leg, underarm, or bikini line hair that is unwanted and problematic. Present yourself as the confident, clean, and smooth bride with laser hair removal for life. One thing under consideration by many brides in Austin TX? Facial hair removal. It’s a great way to look fantastic. Laser hair removal can take several sessions in order to be effective, so it would be wise to begin this process well before the big day.

Chemical Peel If you are simply looking for a brighter, smoother looking skin, without the spot or blemish erasing of laser skin treatment, then a chemical peel may be the perfect solution. Chemical peels do not require additional sessions, so they are also a great solution for those who are getting too close to the big day for other methods of skin rejuvenation. This is a wonderful way to improve the overall look of skin; it has the added benefit of also addressing pre-cancerous skin growths and acne.

Facial For something a bit gentler, you might consider facial peels. The use of premium, skin-matched cleaners and moisturizers can leave the skin cleaner and brighter than ever before. These treatments include exfoliation, massage to improve blood circulation to the facial skin, and can reduce the effects of future acne breakouts. In addition, even the cheapest botox Austin can erase fine lines and scars, lending perfection to your face for your special day. An Austin, Texas, facial lazor treatment can prove beneficial to your skin as well. The md forte skin care system can keep your skin looking great after the honeymoon is over.

Spray Tan One of those things that many brides think about, a tan is a great way to ensure that you do not appear washed out in the long white gown. Medical spas frequently offer a safer alternative to over-exposure to the sun or UV-light. One time in the Round Rock, Texas, spray tanning booth will give better results than hours in the sun. It might be the perfect way to get that last minute color when life hasn’t provided you the time to be in the great outdoors.

These are just a few of the fantastic services offered by medical spas to improve your look and your self-esteem, whether it be for your wedding day or any day. Be sure and ask us about wrinkle treatments austin.

About the Author: Roxanne Jones has written extensively about the medical spa industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

Why Do We Need to Go To The Dentist?

Why Do We Need to Go To The Dentist?

Remember when you were a child and were getting dragged to the dental offices in austin texas every six months? Some children loved it, up until they were a certain age, that is. By the time most children have become teenagers, they don’t care at all for the dentist. And then, as adults, they often avoid even going to the Austin dentist office. Why is it that we have to go to the dentist? Especially when many people are scared of their dentist. Isn’t taking care of your teeth at home enough?

What a Dentist Does

The first thing most people associate their Austin cosmetic dentistry with is a cleaning. In fact, most often it isn’t the dentist in austin invisalign who does the cleaning, but the dental hygienist. The dental hygienist is trained in doing all of the necessary preventative techniques, which includes scraping the plaque off of your teeth, flossing them, brushing them, taking x-rays, and many other things. What, then, does the dentist do? The dentist is the one who is trained in how to interpret the x-rays and how to do more difficult procedures, such as filling cavities and extracting teeth, but he does so much more. Ask them about a free whitening Austin and laser gingival sculpting.

In most dental offices, the dentist comes into the exam room after the dental hygienist has finished doing all of their duties. That is when the dentist will take a look at any x-rays that were taken in order to make sure that everything is in order. They’ll also speak with the dental hygienist as well, so that if you have confided any worries to them, the dentist will be able to address those issues. They can answer your questions about vaneers Austin, Texas and dental bonding Austin.

And the dentist will also look into your mouth. They will do so for a few reasons. First, to make sure that the dental hygienist has done a thorough job in removing the plaque from your mouth. Then they will check to see if you have any pockets where the tooth meets the gums. This could be a sign of gum disease and should the dentist find gum disease, they will take measures to help improve the situation. If a cavity is discovered, the dentist will often have you return on another day to have it filled.

Dental Disease

There are a number of different conditions in your mouth that could cause serious problems. Some conditions can cause you to lose your teeth, others can cause even more dangerous complications. Almost all of these conditions can be helped by routine visits to a dentist, which is why it is recommended that a person visits the dentist every six months at the least. Conditions such as gingivitis, impacted teeth, and a variety of other jaw conditions can all generally be helped by seeking out the advice of a qualified dentist on a regular basis. If you do have a fear of the dentist, there are a number of ways that you can be helped so that your fear is alleviated, allowing you to be able to take preventative measures to keep your teeth looking beautiful and healthy. You may have to have a process done called dental bonding in Austin Texas.

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics

Free Events in Austin

It seems like the entire world is experiencing a financial situation, and most of us are trying to figure out what we can do in order to save a bit of money. It’s difficult to save money, however, when you’re trying to go out on the town in Austin. It’s a beautiful city, but many of the Austin events that you will find are not inexpensive to go to. There are, however, a number of free Austin events and activities that you can take in if you do a bit of searching. Here are some great free things that you can do in the beautiful city of Austin.

Free Stuff!

Are you into history? If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the history of Austin, you can find what you’re searching for at the Austin Convention and Visitor’s Center. They give free guided historical walking tours almost every day. The departure point is at the south entrance of the Capitol building, which resides at 1100 Congress Avenue, and it is necessary to call 24 hours in advance in order to get a reservation for a guided walking tour. There are two free tours that you can take, making for two fun excursions into the city where you can learn a bit more about the history of Austin.

If you’re more of a musical buff, then you may want to get down to the Hartman Concert Park at the Long Center every Sunday afternoon in the summer. Every year the Austin Symphony has featured a number of different ensemble concerts on Sunday afternoons. The concerts are free to go to and you can even find free parking if you go to the right area. It is encouraged for visitors to the concert to bring blankets and even picnics, making this a fun family outing, or a very romantic one, depending on what you’re looking for.

For something a little more interesting for nature lovers, make sure you head to the Congress Avenue Bridge. Every night from mid-March to November, the largest urban bat colony heads out from under the bridge at dusk and cover the sky on their search out for food. Bats tend to fly before it gets dark, and experts say that July and August are the best times to view the bats, as the newborn pups tend to leave the safety of the bridge during those months. Experts also say that the bridge can be very busy, so the best place to view the bats leaving their home is to bring a blanket or lawn chairs to the Bat Observation Center which is at the Austin American Statesman offices.

There are many things that you can do in Austin which costs money, but there are also a number of free things that you can find to do in this amazing city. With a little searching, and a little patience, you can have a great time in Austin without spending a dime.